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Self-Adhesive Labels

Our extensive selection of self adhesive labels is produced in various substrates. From the conventional paper in matt, semi gloss and high gloss finishes, to Direct Thermal papers, particularly suitable for the food industry and Icebucket suitable materials for drinks bottles.


We also produce labels on various synthetic substrates, such as polyester, polypropylene, vinyl and clear acetates.


We offer a complete range of adhesives to suit all applications, which are available on any of the above materials. Whether it is a permanent adhesive to stick to the most difficult of surfaces, a removable for magazines or glass, a freezer adhesive for the food industry or even an adhesive with an outdoor durability of up to ten years – we have the answer.


Ask us about our recycled and biodegradable labelling materials, including materials made from cane fibre and biodegradable films made from renewable sources. These products are designed to allow brands to offer fully environmentally sustainable packing.

We have an extensive selection of label sizes and shapes which will allow us to meet most label needs.



Self-Adhesive Plain Labels

We offer a complete range of plain labels in roll form suitable for in-house thermal transfer and direct thermal printing systems.


All our labels are compatible with every thermal printer in the market and are used by all businesses from industrial to retail. We currently have over 500 cutters for different label sizes and shapes, allowing us to meet most requirements.




Self-Adhesive Pre-Printed Labels

Our printed label capacity is wide and varied, from simple single colour to full colour labels with UV varnish.


We never underestimate the importance of good design; this linked with a quality printed label can be used to promote your brand, or relay vital product information.


We at DR Labelling Systems Ltd are committed to this aim through the capability and motivation of our knowledgeable and friendly staff.


Our self adhesive labels are produced using the Pantone range of colours which are universally used throughout the print and packaging industry. If you click on the attachment you can see an extensive range of the colours which will enable you to find a colour or colours suitable for your printed product.



Self Adhesive Digital Labels

Full colour digitally printed labels are ideal for high quality short runs, eliminating the need for costly printing plates.


This technology is capable of printing photographic quality labels using designs supplied on disc or even from e-mail. Digital labels can give the small producer quality full colour process labels, at a fraction of the cost.



Self-Adhesive Scale Labels


We have an extensive range of label sizes suitable for most scale machines, primarily those used in food retailing, including Avery, Bizerba and TEC.


The labels are available in plain white or in single colour standard form. We can also personalise the labels to suit your own company’s specifications in as many colours as required.


All labels are supplied using a semi-top coated or top coated direct thermal paper with an adhesive to suit your application.


Self-Adhesive Speciality Labels


We offer a range of thermal transfer printable polyester, polypropylene, vinyl, acrylic and polyamide films suitable for the most challenging of applications, both outdoor and indoor – made to withstand all conditions throughout the year and beyond particularly in the chemical, warehousing and industrial sectors.


Our 'Wet Strength' materials are developed with beer bottles labels in mind to elimante warping in moist environments and keep labels looking their best even when submerged in icebuckets.


Our wide selection of durable films offer resistance to UV light, temperature extremes, chemicals and mechanical abrasion, all widely used in the automotive, printed circuit board and steel industries.


We also offer a destructible vinyl that breaks up easily when removed preventing subsequent re-application. Also available is a tamper-evident polyester material, which protects against fraudulent warranty claims and product tampering. Once applied, the film cannot be removed without revealing a clear non-reversible message.


We can also supply the material - Clinglok - which has been developed for a variety of applications including jewellery, spectacles, cable and industrial tagging. Its unique coating is only activated when it comes into contact with itself. This is ideal where dirt attraction around the label edges, commonly associated with conventional self adhesive label stock, has to be avoided.



Barcode Barcodes

Bureau Print Service


As the demand for short run and bar code labelling continues to grow, we at DR Labelling offer a ‘Just in Time’ service.


Our Thermal Transfer Bureau Service is designed to react quickly to produce electronically printed bar codes, variable data and sequentially numbered self adhesive labels, for your immediate requirements. We support all the major bar codes currently in use within the European, Asian and North American marketplace.


We are also able to print the new ‘Data Matrix’ 2 dimensional bar code, which is becoming more widely used particularly on printed media such as travel documents and parcels. The code can be read quickly by a mobile barcode scanner, allowing the media to be tracked instantly, for example to ascertain when a parcel has been dispatched to the recipient. Data Matrix codes can also now be read with mobile phones, simply by downloading the application to compatible smartphones.


With this service we can dramatically cut down the time you have your products sitting in your factory awaiting that final piece of the jigsaw – ‘THE LABEL


We can also provide you with guidance and advice, to enable you to obtain your own unique bar code from the relevant administering body within the UK. For further information on this, please contact us and we can discuss the options available to you.

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