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Barcode Labels

Self - Adhesive Labels

Discover our extensive range of self-adhesive labels, carefully crafted using a variety of substrates to cater to your specific requirements. Contact us today.


At DR Labelling Systems, we understand the importance of adhesive performance. That's why we provide a complete range of adhesives suitable for any application, available on all our label materials. Whether you need a permanent adhesive that can adhere to challenging surfaces, a removable adhesive for magazines or glass, a freezer adhesive for the food industry, or an adhesive with outdoor durability of up to ten years, we have the perfect solution for you. 

Press printing

Self Adhesive Pre-Printed Label

At DR Labelling Systems Ltd, we take pride in our wide and diverse capacity for printed labels, offering everything from simple single-colour labels to vibrant full-colour labels with UV varnish. We understand the power of good design and its ability to promote your brand and convey essential product information effectively. Our dedicated team of knowledgeable and friendly staff is committed to delivering exceptional quality and meeting your specific requirements. We believe that combining innovative design with top-quality printing results in labels that truly make an impact.

Peppa Pig Yellow Labels
Yellow Labels in bundles

Self-Adhesive Plain Labels

We offer a complete range of plain labels in roll form suitable for in-house thermal transfer and direct thermal printing systems.


All our labels are compatible with every thermal printer in the market and are used by all businesses from industrial to retail. We currently have over 500 cutters for different label sizes and shapes, allowing us to meet most requirements.

Self Adhesive Digital Labels

Experience the convenience and cost-effectiveness of full-colour digitally printed labels, perfect for high-quality short runs. With this advanced technology, the need for expensive printing plates is eliminated, allowing you to save both time and resources. Our digital printing capabilities enable us to produce labels of exceptional quality, with the ability to achieve photographic-level precision. Simply provide us with your designs on a disc or through email, and our modern digital printers will bring them to life.

Digital Labels
Automated labeling machine equipment with conveyor belt

Self-Adhesive Scale Labels

Discover our wide selection of label sizes specifically designed to accommodate most scale machines, particularly those commonly used in food retailing, such as Avery, Bizerba, and TEC systems. Our labels are available in plain white or single-color standard formats, providing a clean and professional appearance. Additionally, we offer the option to personalise the labels according to your company's specifications, allowing you to showcase your brand identity. Our personalised labels can be customised in as many colours as required, ensuring they align perfectly with your branding

Self-Adhesive Speciality Labels

We offer a comprehensive range of thermal transfer printable films that are specifically designed to meet the demands of challenging applications, both indoors and outdoors. Our films are engineered to withstand the harshest conditions throughout the year and beyond, making them ideal for industries such as chemicals, warehousing, and industrial sectors. When it comes to beer bottle labels, our 'Wet Strength' materials are the perfect solution. These specially developed films prevent warping in moist environments, ensuring that your labels remain intact and visually appealing, even when submerged in ice buckets. 

Bureau Print Service

At DR Labelling, we understand the growing demand for short-run and barcode labelling solutions. That's why we offer a responsive 'Just in Time' service through our Thermal Transfer Bureau. This service allows us to quickly produce electronically printed barcodes, variable data, and sequentially numbered self-adhesive labels to meet your immediate requirements. Our expertise covers all major barcodes currently used in the European, Asian, and North American markets. 

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