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Hand Labellers

We offer a complete selection of Hand Labelling Guns to suit most requirements, whether for simple retail product pricing or for coding in an industrial environment.


Open Data: Designed and engineered with the operator in mind, Open Data guns are available in either 1, 2 or 3 lines, and are used for simple price marking, date marking or coding. There is of course a wide spectrum of possible uses for the Open Data 2 or 3 line guns in various labelling environments. In particular we are able to vary the band layouts to individual customer needs. Factory outlets, department stores, warehouses, cash and carry's or any manufacturing and packaging operations all benefit from the versatility of these machines.


Dayta: Introduced recently, this robust but lightweight hand labeller has been designed to suit an increasingly aggressive marketplace. Particularly suitable for price marking, date marking or for coding, the Dayta is available for either 26mm x 12mm Wavy edge labels or 21mm x 12mm punch hole labels.


Hallo: The Hallo 1Y one line gun is designed for pricing, date marking and coding and is reliable and lightweight. Made of polycarbonate nylon and steel, this model has proven over the years to be a long lasting favourite in the marketplace.


The Hallo is also available in 2 or 3 line models.


Ink rollers for all the above guns, and many others, are held in stock so changing to a fresh roller is simple and clean.




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